James A Polk


Professionalism & Organization creates Excellent Customer Service.

​The Definition of a Concierge is a person who has charge of the entrance of a building or property and is often the owner's representative & doorkeeper responsible for providing

Excellent Customer Service

to Management, Visitors and Guests. 


James will personally meet with your Management Team to learn the needs and requirements of your facility and make recommendations that enable your PICS staffing personnel to provide a professional and organized system for the benefit of the management staff requirements. When your Management Team is satisfied with the proposed programs, PICS will provide a written Operations Manual that is designed specifically for your facility's location and its requirements so that all PICS personnel follow the protocols as requested by your facility to ensure the maximum standards are maintained with our Concierge Services.

Concierge Services

a Division of Polk International



The Mission of Polk International Concierge Services is to provide Staffing Services to the ROOMS-TO-GO Distribution Centers, enabling ROOMS-TO-GO to provide Professional Access Control and Monitoring of all access & exit activity for each of their Distribution Centers.

Polk International Concierge Services stands apart from all of the many National Private Security Firms and the many National Concierge Companies in the United States in ONE SPECIFIC WAY. PICS was established to service only one client, ROOMS-TO-GO Distribution Centers throughout the United States. 

The PICS Concierge Staffing personnel assist the ROOMS-TO-GO Management team with functions such as Access Monitoring, Camera Observations, Parking Pass maintenance & Towing Policy enforcement, Maintenance Department Response management, as well as providing courtesy patrolling services. Plus, any other duties as requested by the Management for the property to operate in an organized professional fashion for the benefit of property management.

The goal of PICS is to provide trained personnel that reflects the professionalism and ethics of excellent Customer Service Standards. The owner of PICS, James A. Polk, has over 53 years of experience in customer service standards and ethics provided from over 30 years as a Manager in the Retail Food & Drug Industry with a National Food Chain managing up to 132 employees from West Texas to East Texas. James also has over 10 years of experience from his personal companies, AAA Couriers Document Delivery Service that operated in the Dallas Texas market, and a Non-profit company, The Robinhood Network, that he founded in Texas and operated for the benefit of needy persons served by The Robinhood Network in conjunction with 64 other non-profit agencies in Denton County, Texas. Plus, he has over 17 years of experience working in the Private Security Industry and the Concierge Industry working for 10 different National Security Firms in the States of Texas, Florida, Kentucky, and Virginia.

After 10 years of witnessing Private Security Companies and Concierge Companies simply placing their Security Officers or Concierge Employees into accounts without proper Training and without Continual Supervision to ensure that the Staffing Personnel are provided support, Mr. Polk has decided to become the Concierge Service that will provide Ethics, Professionalism, and Organization back to the Industry regarding Customer Service.    

The PICS personnel are personally Trained & Supervised by James, and he makes regular visits with the Contact Person for each location to ensure that the Professionalism & Ethics Standards are maintained to the satisfaction of ROOMS-TO-GO.