James A Polk - Founder

James is a descendent of the blood line of the 11th U.S. President, James Knox Polk.

President Polk had no children; however, our Founder descends from President James K. Polk’s family tree. James K. Polk’s father was Col. Samuel Polk. His grandfather was Col. Ezekiel Franklin Polk. One of Col. Ezekiel Franklin Polk’s brothers was  John Polk.

James A Polk's grandfather 7 generations back is the same John Polk.

About The Company


Rebecca A Polk - VP of Operations

Rebecca began as an employee of the company in 2014 and was promoted to her current position in 2016. She developed and promoted the Sheet Stretcher division in 2015 and assisted in the development of the other lines of retail and wholesale products that the company produced since 2014. Rebecca is responsible for promoting the sales of the multiple product lines of the company. She also oversees total operations of the company in the absence of the CEO.


​​History of Polk International

In ​1973, at the age of 21, James was a Co-founder of the T&P Mini Center in west Texas. A small development involving (1) a retail Grocery Store, which was converted into a Hardware & Ranch Retail Store, (2) a country Feed Store, (3) and a trucking service providing Hay & Feed delivery, as well as the transportation of Irrigation Supplies throughout Texas.

​1980 - Developed the "Polk Inter-Vivos Trust": a revolutionary Trust document utilizing technicalities in the Texas Trust Laws that provided an avenue for an individual to provide protection of assets while living, and the benefits of passing 100% of the assets of the estate to beneficiaries after death, without the need for Probate through the Courts, and without Attorney Expenses or Court Costs; providing that if any action of a suit against the Trust is brought by any beneficiary, the Trust automatically terminated the interest of the beneficiary that brought the action against the Trust. The Trust also allowed the Successor Trustee to act as if the Deceased was still alive. 

​1985 - Founder of Rehab Developers - a real estate investment company designed to acquire residential properties through a creative financing program that allowed for the purchase of Banks' REO Assets (foreclosed properties) for .10 on the dollar. Benefits of the program allowed Banks to recover over 100% of their initial mortgages financed, and allowed Rehab Developers to acquire the properties for as little as .10 on the dollar of the properties' appraised value. 

1998 - Founder of the Robin-hood Network - a non-profit Organization created for the purpose of serving needy persons in the community with basic household items such as furniture and furnishings at no cost to the recipients.

1998 - Founder of AAA Couriers Delivery Service, serving Central Texas in the document delivery service.

2001 - Developer of the P-Lock Security Device - developed for the purpose of serving the Safe Schools Project of Texas and Colorado that enables school classroom doors to be secured quickly in the event of an emergency such as a school shooting spree.

​2001 - As a Pro-Se Attorney, defended himself in Court against a suit; resulting in his winning 11 Sanctions against a 25-year licensed Attorney for failing to follow the Procedures of the Court during the suit.

2008 - Developed a strategy for using a little-known Texas Law that allowed for the filing for Divorce without the cost of filing in the State of Texas.  

2014 - Co-
Developer of Sheet Stretchers - an improved household item that holds sheets onto any size mattress without creeping off the mattress due to sitting or sleeping activity on the bed. The primary improvement to the Sheet Straps category that Sheet Stretchers offers is the ability to not only hold down the fitted bed sheets onto the mattress, but the Sheet Stretcher brand straps also hold down the top sheet and prohibits the top sheet from being pulled out from the foot end of the bed when activity of sleeping or sitting on the bed occurs.

2017 - At the age of 65 James began a project to develop an Electronic Opinions Portal that will allow each AMERICAN CITIZEN to vote their individual "Opinions and Feelings" regarding any and all Resolutions or Bills voted on in Session in the U.S. Congress, as well as in each Citizen's specific State Legislature.
In 2018 James Founded and Incorporated the Non-profit Organization entitled "We The People of the United States.com", with the Mission to serve as a Nation-Wide Forum for All American Citizens that have registered to Vote to gather into assembly through an Electronic Opinions Portal that will display to our Representatives the "Opinions & Interests" of each of the American Citizens regarding Legislation in each of the State Legislatures, and in Congress. 

2021 - Developer of Auto Dent Guards - a revolutionary product created for the Auto Industry that attaches to the undercarriage of a vehicle, allowing for the protection of the doors and side panels from dings or dents while the vehicle is parked in public locations.