"Lunch-Drop" is a service that allows employees of Corporate Businesses to enjoy Nationally recognized & Locally Popular fresh hot food items without leaving their workplace, all for approximately the same price they would pay if they were to visit the Nationally recognized Food Vendor's dining area.

  • ​Reputable National & Locally Popular food Vendors located close to your Corporate workplace are utilized.
  • ​The same menu items that your employees would enjoy at the National food Vendor's local dining area.
  • "Lunch-Drop" removes lunch-time travel time from the work-place to local food Vendors' locations, and back.
  • This allows more time for a relaxing enjoyable lunch for your employees, without leaving the workplace.


  • Your Company requests lunch-drop services from your local Lunch-Drop Distributor.
  • A Lunch-Drop Representative will schedule a visit with your company’s contact person to discuss delivery procedures for your location.
  • Your company’s contact person can place an order online for one of our Menu items to be delivered to your location on a specific day of the week, Monday – Friday.
  • A minimum Order of 50 items per delivery is required.
  • Orders must be submitted by the Contact Person 48 hours prior to the day of delivery.
  • The Company’s Contact Person shall provide full payment for the Order at the time of delivery to your location.
  • The hot food shall be delivered in a temperature controlled Lunch-Drop container that will keep the hot food hot during the 2-3 hour lunch period.
  • After 3 pm a Lunch-Drop representative shall return to remove the (Empty) Lunch-Drop container from your location.


A Division of Polk International

All food items are delivered to your location in a temperature-controlled portable unit that maintains a temperature to preserve the food items during the lunch period, whether the food items are hot or chilled.